Another week in the Philips

This week was cool. We went jogging saturday morning and it was really funny. Like as if we didn't already attract enough attention, lets go jogging! Nobody jogs here! Hahaha.  It felt SOOO good though!
God made our bodies to need exercise!

Guess what, my new zone leader is Elder Hale. You know that thing we went to with all the missionaries parents and President Carlos right before I went to the MTC?
Yeah, that was at the Hale's house. Elder Hale was my district leader for my 2nd cycle and now he is my zone leader and I am SO HAPPY!
I hope you can meet him someday because he is the happiest person I have ever met in my life. Super positive, Super humble, super awesome. He is one of those people that make you happy just because they are SO happy. Anyway, it was cool to make that connection back to having that party at his house.

Oh my goodness. I am always glad for chances I get to play the piano, but it seems like at least once every transfer meeting or zone conference or something, someone hands some sheet music to me about 5 minutes before the meeting starts and asks if I can play for them. I can't say no, but in some cases I wonder if no accompaniment would be better than some of the things I have produced with zero practice. I've never been a genius sight reader like you mom. It is silly. I just laugh and when I mess stuff up really bad, I apologize after but don't get too embarrassed because hey, its not my fault.

Valentines day was fun. We made some rice krispies and typed up a little valentine at the mission home with a scripture. We used 2Nephi 26:24. We were able to take them to 4 families.
I also sang the "wont you be my valentine" song to my companions and they really liked that. ;) I thought it was absurd that they had never heard it before. I'm sure you missed me singing it to you this year.

I realized I should probably say more about my investigators but I don't know what. What do you want me to put in these e-mails?
Sister Deguzman might be my favorite right now.
She has come to church twice now and she is the first investigator I have ever had that is honestly seeking for the truth. Like the first time we met her she asked us all these questions and she agreed with everything we said, even about tithing and stuff. She reads everything we give her, including the book of mormon (yay!) and she just knows its all true. She was even drinking coffee and stuff and when she read the W of W pamphlet she was like "that is so true! our body is a temple. I shouldn't drink coffee any more, even my doctor told me to stop". She is definitely praying about everything we teach her and she told us she has had a couple dreams about it. She described one dream she had the other night where there were a bunch of people that were all dressed in white and they were all standing in water up to their chest. I was think I can translate that one for you!  That means you need to get baptized! We've tried to give her a baptismal date like 3 times now and she always says no, but its just because she wants to be like 100% sure and she wants to know EVERYTHING about the gospel before she commits to join. I guess I understand that but I'd really like to see her get baptized before I get transferred!
I guess I'll go now, I don't really know what else to say. E-mail time is always really weird for me. I always feel like I never say very much, but hopefully you get enough to just know that things are great and I love being a missionary.
Keep on being my awesome family and doing whats right and I'll see you all real soon!

Fight Satan!
Love, Sister Webre


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