Happy New Year

Hello and happy new year.
The rumors about the sleepover party at the mission home WERE true!
Can you believe it? The only unfortunate part is that I've had the runs since thursday so I wasn't feeling like eating all of the delicious food they had for us. But it was still a good time. President let us watch the ultimate gift, which I find to be extremely cheesy, but it has a good moral and its like a real movie so we were all happy.
New years is BIGGER than christmas here. Everythining is closed and there are tons of fireworks and people start in the morning on new years eve. Then they go crazy when the new year turns. We got to watch from the mission home. Karaoke is like the biggest thing here, everyone has it at their house and their not shy about it. They turn it up way loud and just go for it. And most of the songs they sing are in English, popular hits from america.  It makes me laugh so hard!
I have a new companion. Her name is Sister Stewart. She is 5'11". She is from Spanish Fork. She likes sports and was on the track team at BYU. She is American. I like her. We're gonna start running together in the morning. (YES!!) She has been in the mission about one year. Anything else you want to know about her?
We had 7 investigators at church yesterday. They are all very good possibilities for baptism. 4 of them are the cutest kids we have been teaching. Two of them are cousins of the other two. Their names are Zyra(11), Jeyzer(12), Armie(12) and Ceazar(8). They have the greatest names here! Zyra and Jeyzer's mom is a member but she has been inactive for a long time. But she has a sweet testimony. The other two kids are her niece and nephew. Their parents haven't been too interested in listening to the lessons or coming to church but they all live in the same home.  They all pray together every night and they are way smart! They are super fun to teach and right now their baptism date is January 15. Sometimes they have a hard time coming to church but we're gonna talk about that in our next lesson.
The other 3 investigators at church are the Palma family. We were way excited when they came because one Jemarie(16) got offended by one of the other YW when she came to church her first time back in NOvember and hadn't come to church since. But she was there and her brother Fransisco and her mom Jane.  We wish their dad would come to the lessons or church but he has a lot of addictions and stuff and is not really intersted. That is sad. Jane rocks though she is already in 2 nephi (did I already tell you this?) and they also have family prayer every night. Their batismal date is on January 29.
So we're excited for those! We've also got several member referrals last week so hopeful some of them will turn into baptisms as well!
Its time for new years resolutions! (or maybe last week but its not too late!)
Well life is good. We have the true gospel.
No one likes the runs but I figure I've been healthy for four months in the philippines, its my turn.
I have pictures for you but I forgot to bring my card converter. Maybe we can come back later....
Okay love ya bye
Sister Webre


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