Feliz Navidad

[After talking about her Christmas phone call home...]
I was going to send you the picture of the GIANT rice cooker they have at the mission home but I didn't bring my hookup. Next time.
I forgot to tell you that I made some fresh mango salsa on christmas eve and it was SUPER DELICIOUS. Seriously, I have been in heaven for a few days eating it. I couldn't get any tortia chips though so Ive been eating it with taco doritos. It works though. I decided that Cilantro is one of my favorite smells/tastes.
This morning we deep cleaned our apartment. It was a mission wide thing. Our walls were filthy! I spent forever on those things and trying to get rid of cobwebs! Sister Carlos is so cute. She has prizes for everyone who completes the "checklist".  One of the prizes is a gourmet dinner at the mission home. (each zone will be entered in a drawing for the dinner)
And she pretty much told me that my companion will be transferred Thursday so I'll have a new companion pretty soon!
I wish I could send you a picture of our beautiful new converts in their baptismal whites but alas, my camera broke the day before their baptism! I have to get the pics from my zone leaders later. Remigia and Fe, and they are both super cool! The baptism was great and Sister Rivera made "grey ham" which consists of graham crackers, cream, and mangos. It took me a while to figure out why she was calling it "Grey ham" and it finally donned on me-- the "gra-ham" crackers. It makes me giggle now every time anyone mentions the delicious "grey ham".
Well, sure love you all and hope you have a happy new year!
Theres a rumor going around that all the missionaries in cauayan Zone get to go to the mission home for new years and have a sleep over there. I hope its true!!!
Yours- Sister Webre


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