Frogs, Corn and 4 Little Sweetie Heads

Hello everybody!

Well I don't have much time but I'll give you the short version of my week.
We had a baptism! The four cutest kids in the WHOLE WORLD! Yup!
Make sure and look at the picture! The man in the brown shirt is the father of the youngest boy and the older looking girl. (Ceasar and Armie) He's not a member yet, and his wife wasn't able to come to the baptism, but we're gonna start focusing on them. (The other woman is the mother of the other two kids and she is a member)
We have a way cool couple (members) that live close to them and are gonna come to lessons and they invited them to a FHE at their house next week. If you didn't know, members are EVERYTHING in missionary work. Investigators need fellowshippers and thats a fact! So we're excited to see what will happen there.
The baptism was so awesome! Sister Stewart and I did a musical number, piano and flute "I am a Child of God" and the kids all bore their testimony and I cried a little. I love those kids so stinkin much!

Well...we found that little frog in our apartment. It was just sittin there on the floor when we came in. Don't know how it made its entrance but it was a cool little guy, we didn't mind. Its the giant cocroaches, spiders, and mice that aren't so welcome. Even the lizards don't bother me.

We did our first split last week and it was really fun. Even though Sister Fort and I are still terrible at tagalog, we made it through 5 lessons and it was really fun! Then we enjoyed some delicious corn on the cob! Not as good as yours out of the garden mom!

Well gotta go. Love yalls


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