Rizal, Nico, Shoes

We did exchanges in Rizal (my old area) and I got to be companions with sister villamor again and teach all of our recent converts!!! It was like a dream!! They love me so much, I don't know why but it makes me so happy. I seriously never knew I could feel so much joy and love, my heart is just bursting.

We had a baptism last week. Nico Tuliao. (17 yrs old) He lives with his aunts and uncles here in our branch and they are all members. He is a cool kid. Before we taught him, he had never really prayed before. It was neat to see the change in him and watch him learn!

17 months and my shoes finally GAVE UP THE GHOST. Actually, they have had holes in them for awhile but I kept wearing them because they don't have other shoes my size here....I bought another pair that was two small and they got destroyed in about 4 weeks. So now i'm back to wearing the pair that have a smaller hole. Hehehe! The only problem is when it is raining and wet and muddy, It definitely gets my feet really dirty and I have to wash them every time before we go inside peoples house! But only 2 more weeks....I can make it!!!

Um...what else? Probably alot. Sorry if you don't understand the pictures. I;ll explain them all to you when i get home.
Hehehe....everyone has their own paper chain! That rocks!!
You only miss me because I'm gone right?

Well thats all for now.
Gotta go
I'll work on looking for wood carvers.
Love you! so much!!

Sister Webre


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