Happy Birthday Mom!

This week was great. We just got back from Magat Dam about an hour ago. I was expecting it to be pretty lame, but it was actually super pretty over there! Alot of green mountains and hills and rocks. There was also some wild life, two goats and a few dogs! We went on a boat ride to boot! There was also a cool hanging bridge in a pretty little spot we found. I loved it!! I'll send pictures next week!
We did splits again this week, this time in my area and it was SUPER fun!! We taught 5 lessons thursday night!
One of the things I was thinking a lot about this week was agency and how important it is in the plan of happiness.
And Satan from the beginning has tried to take that agency away.
He tries to take it away by sucking us in to addictive behaviors and substaces, and even attitudes.
Sometimes I feel so helpless and when I start to think about my weaknesses it seems like I can never change and never get better.
But that is Satan! He tries to tell us that we don't have a choice, that we can't change, that we ARE helpless, but we're not! Because of the power of the atonement, and our free agency we CAN change! And we do it little by little, day by day, though the power and help of our Savior and obedience to His commandments!
I know that is true! Jesus Christ fought for our agency. We have a choice and we can change for the better no matter what our weakness is!
So grateful for our Redeemer, for His endless love, mercy and grace!
I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Recognize Satan and tell him "Get thee hence!"
Love--Sister Webre


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